Focus on your development

In Ramboll, we set high standards for the development of our employees. We know that Ramboll can only develop as a company if you perform well and develop as a person.


Compentency development programmes

We believe that careers are, and should be, diverse. We offer one of the best competency development programmes in the business, focusing on both project management and personal and professional growth. You will have a lot of opportunities to continue your training and education, for example by upgrading your skills at the Ramboll Academy, which offers short further training courses.

Career paths

Ramboll has four different career paths: Project Management, Specialist, Market development and People Management. But most importantly, we want to nurture the individual talent of each employee and thus design development opportunities for them based on their individual role and experience. This makes it possible for all employees to grow within their current role, and to have fun while doing so.

An international career

Our presence in 35 countries gives you the opportunity to work with colleagues across professional and national boundaries.

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