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Who can apply?
You may apply for the programme if you have a passion for digital innovation, and are seeking an exciting opportunity to combine theory and practice while writing your master thesis. Moreover, you also need to possess relevant technical insight and are currently enrolled in a study programme within data science, computer engineering, software development, or an equivalent education.


How to apply?
You apply by sending the following information to

  • A description of your project idea
  • A little bit about yourself and your interests


Explore new technologies
It is essential that you have a topic, an idea or a case that your project will be centred around to ensure that we can find a suitable mentor for you in Ramboll, who will support you throughout your project. Therefore, we are open to different topic suggestions from you. However, the topics that make us curious concerns how technological trends can create business value. Here are some of our proposals:

  • Strategically use of AI and machine learning to help us make better decisions
  • Using VR and AR for improving the client or employee experience
  • Automation of previously human-exclusive tasks and manually processes
  • How to benefit from advanced analytics by identifying patterns
  • Big data and algorithms to analyse trends, patterns, and development of various classifications, prediction and forecasting systems


Please note that our core competencies are not found within these topics, and therefore, it is not technologies that are central to our projects. However, this is what we hope you can help us change!


We look forward to receiving your application!

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