Four talented students awarded the Ramboll Scholarship 2017

This year, Ramboll received more than 380 scholarship applications and it was a difficult job to narrow the selection down to only four recipients. The scholarships, each worth DKK 25,000 were awarded to Jesper Skovby from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Frederik Budde from DTU, Ditte Lund Beck from Aarhus University and Adrian Expethit from Aalborg University.



Jesper Skovby, 29, is enjoying a semester at Kanawaga University in Yokohama, Japan as part of his architectural studies. He is gaining more insight into the technical aspects of building constructions and his ambition is to combine the disciplines of architecture and engineering.

Frederik Budde, 24, is at the University of Melbourne in Australia as part of his Master’s Degree. Here he will develop his expertise in mechanical technology, product development and process and production technology.

Ditte Lund Beck, 26, will be studying at University College London as part of her Master’s Degree. She is specialising in integrated energy and lightning design, and in London she will increase her knowledge of energy efficient buildings with optimal indoor climate and low energy consumption.

Adrian Expethit, 23, will be studying energy technology at San Diego State University in the US, to increase his knowledge of renewable energy and intelligent energy supply as a possible solution to the future environmental problems.

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