Get inspired by last year's winner

In 2016, we chose to award four winners of the Ramboll Scholarship due to an exceptional level of talent among the candidates.


Winners of the Ramboll Scholarship 2016

Elisa Bjerre: Elisa studies Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark and has a special interest in groundwater management. Her ambition is to develop and promote a more sustainable administration of water resources, and a semester at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver will help her dig deeper into the technical challenges of groundwater hydrology and water resource management.

Morten Lykke Hilligsøe: Morten studies electrical engineering and will be spending a semester at the National University of Singapore. Morten is now enrolled in the Technical University of Denmark’s Honours Programme for talented master students. At the National University of Singapore Morten will be able to strengthen his competencies within robotics and entrepreneurship.

Maibritt Antonsen: Maibritt is studying for a M.Sc. at Aarhus University and specialises in structures. At the University of Maryland Maibritt will enrol in a Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering which will enable her to perform calculations of fire technology and to compute a fire’s movement in complex buildings.

Anders Winther Mortensen: Anders is studying for a M.Sc. at the University of Southern Denmark and specialises in Energy Technology. Anders will be spending a semester at the University of Calgary. Here, he hopes to gain a more global and comprehensive insight into the challenges and interests that work against a green transition.


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