The Ramboll Scholarship awarded to three talented students

The three recipients of the Ramboll Scholarship 2013 are looking forward to studying at top international universities in the US, Netherlands and Hong Kong, where they will acquire new knowledge in the areas of energy, environment and buildings.


There was keen competition for the Ramboll Scholarship 2013, which according to tradition, was announced at two Ramboll Student Day events, attended by a record-breaking number of participants in Aarhus and Ørestad on 2 May.  More than 350 well-qualified students were competing for the three scholarships of DKK 25,000 each. 

Ramboll grants the scholarships to signal our belief in the importance of global horizons and international professional input. That is why we earmark this award for talented students intending to study at elite universities outside Denmark.

The three winners of the Ramboll Scholarship 2013 were carefully selected by a panel of experts from across the Ramboll organisation. 

The 2013 winners are:

Sara Sofie Pedersen, 26, Danish Technical University (DTU), is headed for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to complete her bachelor studies as a civil engineer, before she begins her master's degree at DTU. Sara studied previously at the University of Copenhagen, where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Economics.

"In addition to the fact that I can choose new subjects at the Polytechnic University, I am really looking forward to the chance to meet and work with people from many different cultures and I am sure I will learn a lot from the experience,” Sara says. She is planning on a career as a building engineer in construction and mechanical engineering.

Michael Otto Nielsen, 23, Aalborg University, will spend his 9th semester studying Mechatronic Control Engineering at San Diego State University, as part of his graduate work in Energy Engineering.

"In my upcoming semester in San Diego, I am looking forward to freely choosing new subjects, improving my professional competence and building an international network,” says Michael who is keen on learning more about how to measure energy efficiency of new and existing mechatronic energy systems such as windmills, heat pumps, robots, cars, etc. 

Mathilde Lindhart, 25, Danish Technical University, is going to study at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, to learn more about modelling of environmental fluid mechanics and hydrology, for which Delft University is internationally renowned. Mathilde is currently doing graduate work in Environmental Engineering.

“The Netherlands are highly specialised in surface water engineering due to the low geological position of the country making it a perfect place to work with flood forecasting and control.  At Delft University, I can specialise in this field to a greater degree than before, which makes this very exciting,” says Mathilde, who wants to work as an international consulting engineer, focusing on developing countries.


In addition to awarding the three, talented winners of the scholarships, the event involved project presentations, introduction to Ramboll market areas, focus on innovation, and insight into Ramboll as a workplace.

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