The Ramboll Scholarship 2012 awarded to three students

The recipients of the Ramboll Scholarship 2012 are pleased with the scholarship and are looking forward to their study visits at elite international universities.


There was keen competition for the Ramboll Scholarships awarded at the well-visited Ramboll Student Day held in Ørestad and in Aarhus on 10 May. About 300 highly qualified students, primarily from the technical universities, were in the running for the three DKK 25,000 scholarships. Ramboll grants the scholarships to signal its belief in the importance of global horizons and international professional input. That is why we earmark the scholarship for talented students intending to study at elite universities outside Denmark.

The three winners of the Ramboll Scholarship 2012 were carefully selected by a panel of judges consisting of experts from across the Ramboll organisation.

The winners were:

Kristian Kilsgaard Østertoft, 24, Aalborg University, who is going to INSA Lyon in France for his ninth semester in connection with a research project concerning pollution in rainwater basins.

Christian Günther Reichelt, 22, who is heading to Canada to study relativity theory, complex functions theory, solid state physics and nuclear physics at McGill University for his fifth semester.

Andreas Gai Fangel, 24, Technical University of Denmark, who will be attending Imperial College in London to complete a one-year master’s programme in geotechnology before embarking on his final master’s degree.

See the video from our Student Day in Ørestad, where two of the three winners were announced:

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