Study abroad with the Ramboll Scholarship

The Ramboll Scholarship is granted once a year to three highly talented students who are going to study abroad and aspires to make an impact within their field of study. The scholarships are valued DKK 25,000 each.

Applying for a Ramboll Scholarship can be your first big step towards an international career.


The Ramboll Scholarship is granted by Ramboll in Denmark, and award winners will be revealed at our Student Day event 2019.

To be eligible to be granted a Ramboll Scholarship you must meet the below-mentioned criteria.

Who can apply

  • You are studying Engineering, Natural Science, Political Science, Economics or Architecture
  • You are a full-time student at a Danish University and are going to study abroad outside of Denmark
  • You are a Diploma Engineer on semester 4 – 7 or studying on a Master’s level
  • And you agree to send Ramboll two travel updates during your stay abroad (a photo and 10 – 15 lines of text or a small video).

How to apply

To be announced in January 2019.

You are welcome to contact us at if you have any questions regarding the scholarship.

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