Planning & urban design

Just over half the world’s population now live in cities - with two thirds expected to be urban dwellers by 2050. Having a unique track from urban development projects in our Nordic home markets, we offer guidance and practical support at every level of the value chain to help cities continually develop and become more liveable.

Liveable cities

By drawing on our heritage and world-class technical solutions, we bring value to our customers by ensuring long-term sustainability and a framework for vibrant and liveable urban areas.

A holistic approach to urban liveability

To achieve liveable solutions, Ramboll's holistic and integrated urban planning model encapsulates the environmental, social, economic and physical aspects of a city - rather than treating each element of the urban environment, such as water or transport infrastructure, in isolation. 


Signature projects

Masdar, Abu Dhabi
The ambitious Masdar City project aims to realise one of the world’s most sustainable urban areas expected to attract 40,000 residents and 50,000 commuters by 2025.
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Cloudburst mitigation plan, Copenhagen
The Copenhagen Cloudburst mitigation plan will establish waterways that can transport storm water into ports or lakes while creating an attractive living environment.
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Nordhavn, Denmark
Nordhavn is Scandinavia’s largest city development project and rethinks how urban life can be combined with sustainable energy, environment, traffic and cityscape solutions. Ramboll is working on urban development projects in the Aarhusgade and Sundmolen areas as well as the new 3 km long road link, road tunnel, and Metro Extension, which will connect the district to the wider city.
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