With security of supplies, climate change, energy efficiency and resource scarcity as top priorities on the global agenda, there is a general push towards renewables, although conventional energy will continue to play a significant role in the energy mix in the coming years.


Major players in the energy sector are changing their portfolio and strategies to accommodate for the green transition. As a consultancy, Ramboll is at the forefront of addressing these issues and offers a holistic approach to energy that supports the sector on the journey towards more sustainable solutions.

Ramboll has more than 45 years of experience in the planning, design and implementation of energy solutions, and is among the 10 leading energy consultancies in Europe. We focus on adding maximum value both to our clients and society at large through an integrated and multidisciplinary offering that cuts across the whole value chain.

We provide a one-stop-shop of services within:

  • Wind
  • Towers
  • Energy from waste
  • Power generation
  • District energy
  • Power systems
  • Field development
  • Gas/LNG
  • Jackets
  • Pipelines

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