Student Innovation Programme

Do you have high ambitions for your master thesis, and are you passionate about how digital technologies will impact the businesses of the future? Then you should write your master thesis with us! 


The Student Innovation Programme at Ramboll is welcoming talented students with the opportunity to write their master thesis in close collaboration with us.

Applying for the Student Innovation Programme can be your first big step towards connecting your academic skills in a real business context with real-life business challenges in a leading engineering, design and consultancy company!

Why you should write your thesis with us
Writing your thesis with us will provide you with a unique opportunity to combine theory with practice while getting a sense of how the daily life of an organisation with more than 13.000 employees looks like. You will be a part of an innovative environment surrounded by leading experts in the fields of engineering, designing, and consultancy. Simultaneously with a great chance to strengthen your professional network, you will get insight and hands-on experience with real business challenges and needs. 


Challenge yourself while challenging us
New technology and digitalisation has already reshaped several aspects of our business and created many unique performance and productivity opportunities. While digital technology continues to evolve, and we still strive to create the best services and IT solutions, high demands are put on us. We must continually be able to exploit the new opportunities and convert them into a valuable business context. This is not always a straightforward procedure, and this is why we need you! We need you to challenge us, inspire us and not least to disrupt us from the inside before we get disrupted from the outside. Thus, your recommendations will have a significant influence how our offered services and IT solutions will be further developed in Ramboll.

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